28. august 2017 at 14:43
E-Bomber was founded by Slovak producer Michal Karpac in 2015 with the purpose of making new eurodance top hits as well as remixing songs. The capital letter "E" is for Eurodance, the second part of of the name was chosen with reference to people saying that something is "the bomb", meaning it is great, a lot of fun and emotionally touching. That said, the project is supposed to be the "real eurodance bomb". Founder Michal Karpac often cooperates with German producer Tom Payle, striving to achieve the best possible sound for his tracks. A trademark of E-Bomber are very catchy melodies. 🤓

Origin: Slovakia
Genres: Eurodance, Italodance
Years active: 2015 - present
Labels: DMN Records, Synsongs
Next production by Michal Karpac: www.KarpacMusic.blog.cz